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Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering

There are number of students who are allured by this rewarding career in the Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering field. With Maths and Physics being the required subjects in Class XII, admission in electronics and telecommunication engineering is done on the basis of entrance test, GATE. After completion in the same, one is offered openings in the public sector, defence, manufacturing industries, sales and marketing. Those willing to choose research and development or teaching or consultancy jobs need to pursue postgraduate qualifications. Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE) is the qualifying test that has to be cleared by those looking for placement in postgraduate degree programmes. A degree in ME/MTech is two year courses and further specializations are offered through post graduate diplomas or research fellowships.

After pursuing 10+2 students must opt for acquiring technician’s qualifications through the 3 year diploma courses that are usually offered by the Technology Training Institutions. Then there is an option for studying for membership examinations of professional organizations or those diploma holders can carry out part time degree course for enhancing their qualification. There are numerous universities that are offering B.Sc Electronics course which can be followed by an MSc in the subject. Additionally, there are specialized B.Tech courses that are offered in varied fields such as Electronics & Computer Sc., Electronics & Communication, Electronics & Control, Electronics & Telecommunication, Electronics & Information Electronics & Power, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Telematics, Electronics & Power, Electronics & Electrical Communication and many more.

Career Avenues for Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering Students- Organization dealing with consumers, aircraft and broadcast electronics, hospital and medical equipment, satellite, computers, marine navigation, audiovisual test and farm machinery offers opportunities for electronic /telecommunication engineers. The union or amalgamation of technology for telephones, computers, and cable, video and broadcast television requires proficient people skilled in various other disciplines. Engineers from computers, electronics telecommunications/communication have opportunities in a wide variety of companies.

Electronic and Telecommunication engineers are usually required in industries where the working environment varied significantly. Research based professions are carried out in laboratories and as far as fabrication is concerned, these are carried out in showroom. Engineers in Defence, Hospitals, and aeronautics and weather labs are subjected to severe working conditions. However, telecommunication engineers are highly in demand in the manufacturing industries and research and services sector. On the other hand, job involves desk work that expands over a lot of technical calculations, design and testing. Additionally, the field work requires hell lot of traveling and can be at times, physically demanding.

Computer and Intellectual Property

Computer technology plays an increasingly important part in modern society. Computers – electronic machines with an ability to store up and/or process data – are called hardware. The expansion of hardware is astonishing: computers are more potent and computer technology enters more areas of life, not only in technological environments as well as, but also in more ordinary surroundings such as domestic appliances, cars, watches and similar products.

A computer cannot function without instructions. These instructions may be embedded into the hardware, for example in ROMs, but most frequently they are created, reproduced as well as distributed in media which are separate from the computer hardware. Computer programs for personal computers are distributed on diskettes or CD-ROMs. Computer programs are created in a programming language which can be understood by people trained in that language. That form of appearance of the program, which can be on the computer screen or printed out on paper, is usually referred to as the source code. Another form of appearance is called object code, where the program is transferred into the digital values 0 and 1. In this form the program is incomprehensible for persons, but it is machine readable, for example from a diskette and in that form it can be used really to organize the operations of the computer.

Typically the computer hardware as well as the program needs to be supplemented by manuals and other support material, prepared by the producer of the program, which give the essential instructions and reference material for more advanced uses of the program. The program plus such reference material and manuals are referred to as computer software.

The investment needed for the formation of computer programs is often very heavy as well as their protection against unauthorized copying and use is of crucial significance. Without such protection producers of computer programs would not be capable to recoup their investment and so the creation and development of this decisive side of computer technology would be jeopardized. In countries which have not yet provided adequate protection, it is often only possible to obtain foreign programs which are not adapted to the specific needs of those countries. It is difficult to secure the financing of the essential translations and local adaptations. Computer viruses tend to be much more extensive in countries with inadequate protection, because they are distributed with pirated software which is not subject to the equal quality control as authorized products.

Wholesale Electronics

Wholesale electronics include selling of high end quality gadgets that you can use or wear anywhere and everywhere. China is the first and the best ever to produce consumer electronics, Bluetooth headset, Home electronics, digital cameras, car audio, computer electronics, MP3 Players, MP4 Players, Spy Cameras, Security Products, Electronic Gadgets, PC accessories and many more.

All products are assuredly brand new and top quality. A wide -selection of consumer electronic products are all carefully selected with quality in mind and best quality control. The goal of the company is to provide trust and satisfaction of the customer thus you are assured of honest and helpful dealings with outstanding service before, during, and after the sales. You can directly access the Chinese electronics market online without the hassle of going directly to China and looking for suppliers.

You will not encounter problems in shipping either; once you order products are sent by couriers, air mails or by bulk freight forwarders. Papers and clearances are being taken care of by the courier companies, simplifying the process for importers.

All products sold come with a 12 month warranty. Whole ale customers and drop shippers are provided with full after-sales services. Warranties apply equally to wholesaler orders and drop shipper single item orders. A three months fix free service is also offered meaning for the first three months after the product is bought and there is something wrong with the quality of the product you can send back and fixed for free.

Wholesale electronics competitive wholesale/drop ship discount prices on all products are usually offered. Attractive bulk pricing is available on inquiry while drop ship customers are given single piece discounts.

Liquidation Electronics

There are certain gifts that are always on Christmas lists. If you know what these gifts are and you can offer the best price on them, you are likely to be able to make a great amount of money this holiday season.

One of these things is electronics. No matter the age of a person in your family, they are likely interested in some type of electronics. For the kids it’s video games and toys that are more electronic than toy. For the teens it’s music players like iPods and personal DVD devices as well as some more advanced video games. For adults the iPods are still popular as are a number of other electronics from plasma screen TV’s to better computer electronics to make their lives easier.

For you, the key is to be able to find these liquidation electronics at a low enough price where you can still sell them cheap and make a great profit. After all, with this year’s economic climate, people are being very careful where they spend their money. Many will pass up buying presents for many of the people on their list, unless you can offer them a deal they just can’t ignore. That is what you should be able to do with liquidation electronics.

Where to Get Them

Getting liquidation electronics is not that hard. There are a number of liquidation centers across the country that are always selling off pallets of goods to the highest bidder. Many of these pallets are filled with liquidation electronics.

What To Know

It is important to note that not all liquidation electronics are good ones. There are always a number of waste items in liquidation electronics lots. These are items that are pretty much meant to be just parts. Others may be broken and need minor to major repairs.

Find out what you can about any liquidation electronics lot before you make a purchase. If they are all returns and many may be broken you may want to pass on the purchase, as you don’t want to be stuck with a number of broken items you can’t sell.

If you have some electronics know-how, know your limits. Be aware of what you can fix and what you can’t and purchase the liquidation electronics accordingly. If you are able to repair some very cheap liquidation electronics and turn them around and sell them, you have the potential to make a very large profit.

How to Find New Electronics Stores

Do your friends often refer to you as a geek? Do you get excited when you see new gadgets for sale? One thing is for sure, technology is growing at a rapid pace and it seems that new devices are being invented every day. If you are into new products in technology, you will find many new electronics stores to help you.

It seems that we have gone from a society run by industry to one operating almost entirely on technology. Everything in our lives today is run electronically, from our refrigerators to wireless phones and computers. Electronic products change so fast today that they almost seem outdated the moment they are put on the store shelves. In order to promote these new products, there are many new electronics stores that have come on the scene lately to provide sales and customer service to assist the buyers. Here are a few of those stores:

* Fry’s Electronics
Carrying everything from computer parts to televisions, radios, electronic science projects and many other products, Fry’s has become a headquarters for technology enthusiast who are looking for the newest and best products available.

* Sony Electronics
Originally known as a manufacturer of televisions and radios, Sony repositioned itself into a leader in electronics and new technology. Rebranded as Sony USA, they also carry movies, music, video games and telecommunications devices. Anything that has to do with entertainment is carried by Sony.

* Radio Shack
Begun over 50 years ago as the Tandy company, Radio Shack had been known originally for selling handheld pocket calculators and radio controlled models. It continued to grow and keep pace with technology, becoming a leader in cutting edge technology. Radio Shack continues to be one of the best new electronics stores in the industry.

Not only is technology changing, but the way we purchase items is changing as well. Many people prefer to make their purchases online and has positioned itself as one of the leading online stores in the world. Carrying just about anything you can think of, they are thoroughly entrenched in the sale of electronics as well. As society continues to grow more comfortable with buying online, stores like Amazon will become even more popular.

* Best Buy
Featuring a full line of electronics at discounted prices, Best Buy has become a very popular store for those looking to find new technology. Carrying not only the usual electronic devices, but also cameras, electronic guitars, games, toys, appliances and everything else you can imagine. Best Buy is one of the most progressive of the new electronics stores and is beginning to branch out into the Asian markets. They have also come out with a unique division that caters to providing customer service and installation of their products called “The Geek Squad”. This has been a very successful campaign and has made Best Buy very popular with the consumer.