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What is DNA Testing?

Seeking DNA testing done could be associated to multiple reasons. While it is true that it is mostly used in TV shows, especially ones with forensic nature, determining paternity is its most common purpose. DNA paternity testing determines whether or not the man is the father of a certain child. Obviously, there are a number of DNA maternity testing and sibling tests available. Those who have interest in ethnic origins or genealogy, there are many DNA labs that do offer DNA ancestry testing.

If you’re wondering what DNA testing is or how you could get the test, there are a number of laboratories online. Needless to say, there are walk-in labs that are scattered all over the country. Thing is, many people just opt to make use of DNA testing provider online due to the reason that it is more convenient. If you will be doing DNA paternity testing, then you will be scheduled for a free DNA sample collection kit by the online lab. When you have the samples collected, you simply have to return it along with the payment to the lab.

The cost of undergoing a DNA test is typically lower and you can gather your own DNA samples at home. If your results need to be used for legal situations, then it will be crucial to buy legally admissible DNA testing straight from the laboratory.

If the results would be used for court purposes, a third party will be assigned who is neutral to both sides to collect the DNA samples; otherwise it won’t be collected. The third party is there to make confirmation of the identity of donors and at the same time, to ensure that the rules of chain of custody are adhered to.

By the time when DNA samples are gathered, they’re returned back to the laboratory for analysis. Normally, it would take you 5 working days of waiting to get the results of your DNA test. If you like to get the results in as fast as 3 days, it can be, but you have to pay an additional fee. Test results usually are mailed to the recipient while some of the online DNA labs provide online results to be sent via email or by visiting a website.

Depending on the DNA test you ordered, it will vary the results you’d get. To give you an example, in a paternity test, the alleged father may either be excluded or not. When you have maternity as well as paternity test done, both sides are going to get a conclusive result. DNA siblingship test however are a bit more complicated and the outcome is in form of percentage chance of the relationship.

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